Alpha Youth is an interactive series, providing opportunities for young people to personally explore the Christian faith for themselves in a friendly group setting. The new Alpha Youth series includes 13 episodes filmed all over the world – LA, London, Vancouver, New York, Jerusalem and more!

The Alpha Youth series includes an array of topics including:

  • Jesus: Who is He?
  • Cross: Why did Jesus die?
  • Faith: How can we have faith?
  • Prayer: Why and how do I pray?
  • Bible: Why and how do I read the Bible?

The Alpha Youth group meet after the weekly Sunday service. Each session begins with eating lunch together before proceeding to watch the weekly video and engaging in informal discussion around the topic in question.

We firmly believe that faith in Jesus is something people need to explore for themselves and Alpha Youth provides an opportunity to freely ask questions and voice opinions in a fun and relaxed environment.

Furthermore, Alpha Youth provides an opportunity for young people to connect with others of a similar age and build strong and lasting friendships.

You can find out more about Alpha Youth and how to get involved by popping into one of our Sunday services and speaking to a member of the Alpha Youth team.