Fred is of West African decent and he moved to London at the age of 14. He was brought up in a Catholic Home and started questioning his faith during his teen years. However, as he got older, he couldn’t help but challenge his understanding about the existence of God and truth of the Bible. After a lengthy period of philosophy, historical research and discussions with amazing mentors, he arrived at a firm conclusion regarding the existence of God and his deity.

Fred went on to be a leader in a Christian Fellowship at his University and after Graduation, moved to Grimsby to start his Career in the Energy industry. He also joined Grimsby Baptist Church and was baptised in 2016. He was actively involved in the church’s evangelical outreach programs for youth in the local community.

In 2018, Fred moved back to London to a new job, and settled in Barking, where he discovered Barking Baptist church and fell in love with the growing church community, seeking to help where could.

In December 2018, Fred also got married to his beautiful wife Verina, who is also a member of the church, serving in the Worship team. They are both keen to remain involved in serving the church and the community around them as God leads.

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