Christopher was born in Barking in 1947. He left school at 15 years old and worked in various employments until he joined the British Army at the age of 17 where he served for six years.

Whilst Christopher was in the army, he married Jenny and they have been together for over 48 years. After leaving the army, Christopher worked in various roles until his retirement.

Christopher made a commitment to Jesus Christ at an early age. He was baptised at an Elim Pentecostal Church. However during his adult life he stopped attending church but then the Lord called him back.

Christopher has been a part of Barking Baptist Church for a number of years. He is passionate about Jesus Christ and making His name known to those who don’t have a relationship with God. Christopher is involved in both the Bible Study and Prayer Group at church that meet each week. He also represents Barking Baptist Church at the Barking Churches Unite gatherings.

His intention is to humbly serve Barking Baptist Church as it seeks to bless the local community. Christopher loves the church and has expressed his desire is to stay at Barking Baptist Church till the good Lord calls him home.

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