At Barking Baptist Church our desire is to be a prayerful, mission-focused, wholehearted, Gospel-centred community where all learn to love and serve the Lord together.

Our aim as a church is to assist our members in their personal growth as Christians, to bring others to faith, and to explore the ways in which faith in Jesus is relevant to the whole of our lives.

As a church we emphasise the importance of prayer, for our own members and for the wider world.

We stress the importance of mission, believing that the gospel requires a commitment both to evangelism and social action. We are pleased to support a number of mission agencies and societies proclaiming the gospel in our local community and in the wider world.

We stress the importance of being whole-hearted in our Christian service, believing that discipleship requires a total commitment to Jesus Christ.

We believe that the local church is a community, in which members seek to develop in their Christian faith while loving each other and serving God together. We believe that the role of the church is to support its members across the whole of their lives including the various front line situations in which they find themselves.